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Yr 2- Ministry Foundation


The module helps the learner gain a better understanding and appreciation of the subject of Excellence in Ministry. It gives insight into orderliness in personal life and walking in excellence as a minister of God.


This module will endeavour to present to you the Biblical concept of Servant-hood. LEADERSHIP is a BUZZ word not only in the World, but also in the Church.  There are countless Gurus and schools of leadership that focus on traits, principles, practices, formulas and on and on it goes. We will look at some of these and compare them to what the Bible teaches, and judge our leadership potential against it.  We will take a long and hard look at what we do and how we treat people, which are our greatest resource, and see if it follows the example that Jesus left us.


The module looks at the aspects of men and women in the christian family. It will look at life i an christian family as well as practical parenting. This will equip the learner with truths to apply in their lives and model for lives they minister to.


The module addresses the elements of a sermon, communication and public speaking, the preacher as a person, Homiletic, the structure and sermon delivery.


This gives deeper understanding of Sermon Preparation.  This will include the ability to practically apply the principles taught in Sermon Preparation 1, and to produce an outline following the Template provided. The student will then preach this sermon from his/her outline to the student body for his/her grade.


A journey through the books of the New Testament, look at the background, context, the Gospels, the Epistles,Revelation and redemptive work of Christ; the founding and growth of the church. The  messages of the New Testament will be portrayed against their historical and cultural setting.

Book of ACTS

The module provides the learner with a deeper understanding and appreciation of The Book of Acts, as it is the setting from which we can understand the Pauline Epistles. This module gives the historical settings of the Epistles.


Basic Bible Doctrines teaches the essential foundational teachings in the Bible.  The module is about biblical truths answering many common questions.  The learner will have insight into the origin of the scriptures, the Trinity, Atonement  and more.


The modules have written assessments, written reports on recommended reading texts and associated exams.
The final result for the modules are weighted on;

Written reports / Coursework

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