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Before I joined FIBI, I had read the Bible from cover to cover more than ten times. I thought I knew scriptures, but when I started the classes, my spiritual mind was illuminated.

I started getting revelations and practical application to the word of God. I applied them to my life and the ministries I am involved in.  I can see changes. I led someone to receive the gift of speaking in tongues over the phone by following my class notes, and it worked.

I still study the Bible now, but the way I read and study the Bible is different. I look at context, other scriptures, meaning and background to the scripture. I enjoy the class so much that it has become the hi-light of my week. I look forward to every session with insight and background to the scripture. – Bunmi Osula

Before FIBI studies, Guilt and Fear controlled my motivation to seek God, I did not feel like I was worthy enough and this was a really challenging time in my life. However, I can now say my understanding of the Word keeps getting stronger and clearer after every Module. Joining FIBI is by far one of the best decisions I made, I am now more at peace with my Faith and the direction I’m heading towards in life, the classes are fun, the teachers are extremely helpful and have a great understanding of the word. I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. – Kudzai Badza First Year student

My experience as a first-year student has been nothing but positive and fruitful. From the start, you can really tell that the lecturers love God and his Scriptures. The course offerings are tailored to allow flexibility as they are modular.

Each module is taught to edify your faith, increase your knowledge, and feed your Spirit What really captivated me, was working with others, hearing the different views/debates, being challenged by our lecturers on our thinking ” what does it actually say in the bible”? Principle such as this is one of many taught in this course “to always bring everything back to scriptures” – Reynold Williams

The topics I studied in bible school has given me a deeper insight into the scriptures. The reality of righteousness, Lifestyle of faith, Christ the healer, Divine economics, Grace Power of the Gospel are just a few of the areas which have shown me how much I am loved by God. The more I seek him for who He is, the more I am able to rest in Him. I am able to declare healing and His promises in my life with confidence. To sum up, the bible has a different enriched meaning to me now. Going through FI Bible Institute is the greatest thing that has happened to me. I’m glad I made the decision.    – Essie

There are so many truths in the bible. Many of which have been lost in translation or misconstrued as each person tries to articulate it themselves. FIBI has taught me how to delve deeper into the Word of God, allowing scripture to speak to scripture and thereby revealing great Bible Truths and not merely man’s interpretation.

The first module, Hermeneutics is key and revelatory as it helps the student understand the fundamentals of rightly interpreting the bible. By the second module, the whole class was charged as ‘Faith’ had new meaning to us all. This was a trend we all noticed and experienced class after class; and honestly our eyes began to open. At one point, I started to feel like the man in Mark 8:24, whom Jesus in trying to heal him asked what he saw, and he responded “I see men walking like trees” … until he saw perfectly.

Our class was richly blessed as we had a mix of students and lecturers dialling in from about 5 different countries – but this didn’t matter as we managed to have deeply reflective  and sometimes amusing conversations that truly added to our understanding and growth.

The evidence of the underlying truths in the teachings was the fact that the different lecturers would interlink one teaching to the next even when the modules were not directly one after the other.

Some teachings I had previously learned from my earlier Christian walk suddenly had a different meaning; and the one thing I wished the most was that I had gone to Bible School when I first became a Christian.

My advice to any new/young Believer is to go to Bible school as soon as you can. The same applies to anyone who has been on this journey for a while. With FIBI being online and international … give it a go … you have absolutely  everything to gain. – Annette Warmann

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