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Tuition Fees

Flexible Options

Please note: The below fees have been updated for the 2023/24 school term. Fees can be paid in full or split into modular instalments. Payments made in advance are eligible for a discount; see below for full details.

Application fee and first payment must be made on or before the first day of term. For further details contact us here.

1st or 2nd Year

All classes for 1st Year and 2nd Year are part time evening and weekend course that runs as below;

Year 1 – 7pm to 9:30pm on Thursdays
Year 2 – 9:00am to 1:00pm on 2nd and 4th  Saturdays of the month.

The fees for 2023/24 terms are;

Full Fees for Certificate Year: £450.00
Full Term: £150.00
Modular: £50/module

The above tuition fee can be paid in advance, every term, or in nine monthly payments for full year.

Payment Methods

  • Full Year Advance Payment — If you pay for your entire Certificate Year at FIBI upfront, you will pay £400.00 discounted from £450.00.
  • Paying by Term — If you pay for your upcoming term in advance (a term is avg. 3 months of college time, each year is comprised of 3 terms) you will pay 3 X £150.00. Lesser than modular payment.
  • Paying by Module — There is no discount when you pay per module. You pay £50 per module as you go.

To enrol for a certificate programme or modular learning, please click here

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